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Seriw The Electric

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Seriw The Electric

Post by Scarlet on Sun Apr 20, 2014 8:04 am

Quick, sharp and strong-willed.

.:Name meaning:.
"Fast" in Arabic.



1 year and 7 months old.

.:Birth place:.
Northern Texas

Workin' on a new one.


First things that get noticed are how much energetic and active he is, it is hard to keep an eye on Seriw when he is excited, the facts that he almost never tires out and always finds occupations are also often noticed. Seriw is not a shy wolf and is somewhat noisy, he is very loyal to his pack though and is also very rarely found alone, preferring the presence of his friends. Seriw is very nice to his pack members but not as nice to stranger wolves which may have a good glance of his vicious side. He is sharp-minded, always has ideas and solutions and is often motivated.

He has a thin and athletic body made for speed and explosiveness, being not as bulky as most wolves Seriw still has average strength. His harsh skin and long fur protects him from both the hot sun and the strong cold.

Always finds an occupation if he isn't in charge of anything, like chewing on bones, harassing ravens, playing with bugs or rocks, smelling some scents and tracks and various other things. In fights he quickly goes for the opponent's head.

The coat is mostly beige/grey, the back and the tip of his tail are dark grey and slightly black, the belly is white and the legs and face are light beige. The fur becomes long and smooth in winter but gets kind of harsh in summer.

Bright yellow.

Playing or having laughs with pack members, hunting big ungulates like moose, elk or deer, chasing foxes and coyotes, patrolling, defending the territory and battling other packs.

Hunting alone or patrolling alone, being harassed or mocked at, losing wars with other packs.



~This one was made by Jade.

.:Old story:.
Old Story:
Being from the second litter, Seriw was only 4 months old when his pack fled from another large one which attacked them. His father -the alpha- got killed and they also killed all the second litter pups, except him, Seriw. So his pack left the territory, and so they spent some days in the wood, searching for food, a new territory. One day they found a herd of elks, the pack and the remaining alpha decided to try taking one down. When they started the chase, Seriw which was still too young for hunting couldn't follow his older brothers which ran away pretty fast, he ran for some seconds then stopped "I'll just stay there and wait for them."

17 minutes later, they still didn't come back. Seriw was a bit worried and scared, he was hearing high-pitched howls and barks, he didn't know what those noises were coming from, but they sure didn't come form wolves. Suddenly he saw a sort of small wolf (A coyote.) charging at him. He jumped and started running as fast as he could, the coyote outran him, grabbed his back with his jaws and threw him away, the pup rolled on the grass then lifted up on his paws, the coyote was charging at him again, Seriw started growling and showing his teeth and then jumped at the coyote before biting it's snout, he was just a tad smaller than the coyote, so why not fight back?

The coyote shook his head in every sense, Seriw left his nose and bit him again directly on the neck, trying to hold it still, he pressed his teeth on the coyote's neck before it jumped on top of the pup. Then the two canines started rolling, as they were rolling the coyote bit the pup's right front paw and started shaking it very hard. Suddenly, they started falling from a hill, the coyote got hit by a big rock, he yelped very hard before hitting another rock, then they both fell on a stream, Seriw got out of the water, he looked back and saw the canine's body, dead, blood flowing on the stream.

The young wolf lived many months alone near the stream, he found an empty den that he chose as his home, hunting rats and mice, which he learnt from observing some foxes. He lived that way until he was already one year old, that day, he left his home and started looking for another pack, and that day, he found the Blood Lust pack.

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