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Jade The Pretty

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Jade The Pretty

Post by Scarlet on Sun Apr 20, 2014 8:08 am


Name Origin (OP): unknown
Name Meaning (OP): jade got her name because of her eyes they are a deep jade colour very unusual
How to pronounce your name: jade sounded as seen
Gender: female
Species: unknown
Expecting(?):Not at the moment anyway, just a pup.
Age:9 months

First Glance:(once someone first sees your character what will they think and see) soft cream pelt deep jade eyes brown kind of color at paws as seen in picture stronger than the advarage pup
In depth:(once you get to know your character) brown markings around the eyes ununsual also brown tips on ears and tail
Personality: kind and friendly very respectful she knows her past well and it is not a happy one but it has not scared her emotionally she is brave and protective of others she is also playful and loves hunting she hates disrespect

Birth Place: a mountain range far from any other packs
Birthday: 10/10
Family: mother ; aska
father; wen
brother ;kauma (dead)

Physical Problems: scaring on the legs if she over uses the muscle can be painful to walk for a while afterwards  is  terrified to small spaces
Habits: curling her tail around her bowing placing her head to the ground
Scars: scaring all along her legs though hidden in fur but if you stand close to her you will see them
Weakness: small spaces is a pup sometimes cant breath properly
Strength: faster than a normal pup stronger braver smarter

Likes: playing hunting talking
Dislikes: disrespect wolf thinking she cant do anything useful being carried and no one paying attention to her

Physical Condition: (fat, muscular?) jade has a slim body with long legs though she is slim she is very muscular most of which as first glace looks like fur. strong back legs and jaws
Coat condition:(beautiful, handsome, shiny, fuzzy, spiked, thick, mangy ) jades coat is a unsual mixture of markings it is soft and not too thick it shines in the light of the moon
Main Coat Color: cream
Other colors and markings: brown tips on ears and tail brown along the outline of her eyes
Iris Color: jade
Tail Tip Color: brown

Planning on joining the pack?: yes
Ranking in pack: pup
Wanted Rank in pack: unknown for now

jade was born in a pack that didnt accept pups unless they proved themselves jade was born of two warrior parents so she was given a chance to prove herself but all killing of other pups like her was not in jades nature but forced to fight to live she was beaten by older wolfs for little things like if she got something wrong she would be attacked by another wolf and if she fought back she would have being killed eventually jade had killed all the pups in the pack she was the one allowed to live she had proved herself their was only her brother and sister left but the alpha then decided to prove her loyalty to the pack he told her to kill them jade refused the alpha beat her near to death and left her to see if she would but she refused the alpha killed her sister and brother in front of her and the pack moved on with out her ever since jade has wandered on her own living on her own hunting small prey she has had it tough but she continues to be happy.

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