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The Forest

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The Forest

Post by Arrow on Sat Jun 14, 2014 2:39 am

- Previous Post -

The domicile grew silent and still as the ebony silhouette shifted within the depths of the shadows. Only two orange luminaries were visible in this darkened area of the coniferous forest, yet, his exhales in breath showed like small pools of mist. The shadow walker's appendages summoned him forward to the calling of the hunt once again. This time for some creature much larger than his previous catch. Elk. Hunting these larger beasts would sure have the pack animals realizing there was yet another loner and a problem free in their territory. Coming to a halt now at the edge of the woods, spotting a large herd of elk. His orbs stared at them until he found a calf from the past spring. No. He wanted something larger. He kept shifting his eyes from elk to elk until they landed on a medium sized bull.

Arrow's mouth grew hot as he thought of the scent taste of iron blood against his fangs. There was something about the feeling of tarring flesh from another beast that fascinated him. Shifting forward, he began to stalk towards them slowly as could be. The lead cow let out a groan of alert and he saw his chance as the herd began to scramble off. He launched his body into a full out run to catch up to his chosen target. Reaching up to the bull only took minutes which lead to him nipping at the long legs and sides of the animal to slow it down. His plan worked, as always. The bull stopped and began to swing it's large antlers from left to right. Arrow allowed a long thunderous howl to escape his jaws as he lunged onto the antlers of the beast and attempted to crawl onto it's back as fast as he could. After what seemed to take hours happened. Bits and pieces of the elk's antlers pierced into Arrow's shoulders and hind legs. He only growled in outrage, ignoring the sheer agonizing pain. Finally now, the ebony canine crunched down with his fangs onto the back of the prey's thick neck and shook. The elk reared up with the wolf still biting down on its neck. Arrow awaited till the animal rested down on all fours before letting go of his grip and flipping himself backwards and grabbing ahold of the elks nose. The bull groaned out loudly and slammed Arrow into the ground as hard as it could in the attempt to free himself. Arrows eyes grew into slits as he felt the elk weakening and losing its breath. Mostly, this is how he would have hunted a large animal like this with a pack but he had enough experience to do it alone. Now the bull collapsed onto the ground, giving up on life. As Arrow felt the last breath of the bull exit it's nose and mouth, he let go.

Looking down upon the deceased animal and grunted. As always once killing a large animal like this bull, he howls. Arrow threw his head back and howled from deeply within his chest. Would this have the pack knowing of his presence? Most likely but, they had not found him yet. Arrow finished his call and began to tare into the tawny pelt of the elk and tarring off giant chunks, he began to drag them along while limping.. His leg and shoulders oozed blood but yet this did not stop him. Limping away with elk pieces locked tightly within his ivory teeth into the shadows to finish his prey with the corpse of his latest victim behind in the valley...

- Afterwards -

Still, power was shown within the contours of his muscular frame as he willed his injured body to continue. The ebony male lowered his chosen elk piece to feast upon so that he could raise his cranium to scent for the neighboring wolf pack. He grunted lightly to himself, being satisfied, the others were not around. He turned then and gazed at his upper right thigh, almost towards his hip. A thickening crimson liquid leaked from beneath his shade pelt to reveal a massive wound. Arrow could not summon his body to hold back a low whine but it had escaped. Thoughts rushed through his mind but he knew he could not travel for extreme long distance or hunt until this wound healed on it's own. The male shook his cranium once more than picked his meal up within his jaws and limped until he had found a small abandoned den like structure. He crawled inside, despite the shear pain he suffered and began to tare the light brown fur from the animals body before eating the much needed flesh. Arrow finished quickly then stopped, lowering his head and losing himself to his own thoughts..


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Re: The Forest

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 20, 2014 5:21 am

======== Caesar ========

Caesar shifted his frame through the thick brambles at the edge of the forest. His ebony nasal passages reached the bright sunlight first which at first instinct caused him to inhale deeply, taking in the scents. With his senses giving him the all clear, the male moved the remaining part of his frame out into the open. He shut his orbs immediately due to the brightness after he had become accustomed to the shadows within the forest's grasp. He grinned lightly to himself and allowed his ivory incisors to be shown. Lifting one paw upward at a time, be began to move into the valley. But, something quickly caught his eye. A carcass of a bull elk lay in the middle of the field. Caesars stomach groaned with hunger so he began to trot quickly over to the dead animals only to find the scent of it's attack, long gone, and of course the scavengers. This was pack's territory, how could they have not found this yet? It had to be a few hours old. The brute shook his head with confusion then lowers his cranium towards the bull and began to feast. He did not stop until his hunger ceased.

The multi colored wolf shook his shinning and well kept pelt. Of course, his curiosity began to sink in. The scent of the unfamiliar wolf increased his ideal interest rapidly. However, blood was mingled in with the scent and not the elk's own. Caesar lowered his nares to the ground and inhaled, taking in the scent. It smelled of musky winter moss with the scent of blood still, of course. Definitely a male. With the shrug of his muscular shoulders, he set off in the direction in which the scent trail led him.

He walked only a mile or two before the scent was at it's strongest, the wolf was here. Here in this area. But where? He lowered his orbs searching for blood until aha! He found the thick crimson liquid still on the leaves just below his paws. Inhaling once again, Caesar held his breath before speaking out, "Where are you? I know you're here and injured... I found the elk and your blood." He paused to perk his ears and lift one front paw before continuing speaking, "I am not a wolf of the pack that claims this territory."

Those mentioned: Blood Lust Pack, Arrow
Those spoken to: Arrow
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Re: The Forest

Post by Arrow on Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:04 pm

Arrow soon lost the focus of his thoughts. An unfamiliar scent shifted into his nasal passages and a low thunderous growl rumbled from deep within his chest. The male was injured which put him even more on edge and protective of himself. Slowly the ebony male shrunk his body deeper into the abandoned den, only glowing eyes like hot cools remaining to be seen to outsiders. He remained as silent as ever, like a still shadow in the mists. His ears perked as paw steps entered the area and he growled beneath his breath once more. This newcomer did not carry the same scent as the pack, another loner. Arrow awaited until the brute had finished speaking out to him before crawling out from the den, holding his wounded leg in the air. "Did you honestly believe that I was stupid enough to not know you were not a pack wolf yet?" he said with his ivory fangs bared and hackles raising all over his ebony frame. Arrow remained facing the multi colored vagabond in his self-protective stance.


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Re: The Forest

Post by Sponsored content

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