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Scarlet the Discerning

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Scarlet the Discerning

Post by Scarlet on Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:01 pm


Nicknames: Scar, Scare (and super close friends, such as a mate or best friend, sometimes call her "Blitz" or Blizzard)
How to pronounce your name: Sc ar let
Gender: Female/Fae
Species: 1/2 Timber 1/2 Husky (dog)
Crush: She has yet to build emotional attatchments
Mate: Not even a crush.
Expecting: Nope
Off-Spring: Nooo
Age: Almost 36 ish moons

First Glance:Despite her partially bright coloring, Scarlet looks harsh, and unnerving, yet she has a way of looking elegantly muscular, and like she can take on anything or solve any problem.
In depth: Once you gain her trust and get into her soft side, she is compassionate, easy to talk to, and has fears and problems like any other wolf.
Personality: She's been hardened by years of heartbreak and fighting. Yet her soft side is like a motherly best friend. She's easy to talk to, not quick to judge, and a good listener. While she can get grumpy, and feel like the world is against her, she's overall confident and social.


Her mother was a wolf, her father was a husky. She'd grown up in the pack she was in as a reject, no one would respect only a "half worthy" wolf- and a female at that! In order to prove them wrong about her, she trained harder, and fought harder than any other wolf. When it came time to take her final test, she was paired against the Alpha in a fight to surrender. She fought as hard as she could, but the Alpha managed to get the better of her. She surrendered in the end, nearly dead. Her mother and siblings scorned her along with the rest of the pack. She fled, only finding comfort in hunting, until she came across Blood Fang, deciding not to honor the name her mother had given her ( which was Coal Blizzard) she adopted the name "Scarlet" for the betrayal she'd felt, and the blood that was destined to be on her paws.

Birth Place: Unkown
Birthday: The new moon. (She doesn't keep track in years, but 1 moon=1month)
Family: She denies their existence.

Physical Problems: None
Habits: Going away to think, being a little too curious, and always trying to take the lead.
Scars: All hidden under her fur
Weakness: Mentally, she doesn't do well with criticism, but she's learning to live with it.
Strength: She can make split second decisions and get an idea of how they will affect the future.

Likes: Complements, being loved, being in charge, hunting, and fighting for a good cause.
Dislikes: Criticism, Bullies, and unloyal wolves.

Physical Condition: Muscular and lithe, yet with a feminine elegance.
Coat condition: A beautiful thick pelt.
Main Coat Color: Black and white
Other colors and markings: Her coat alternated black and white, that's pretty much it.
Iris Color: blue
Tail Tip Color: White

Planning on joining the pack?: Joining the pack? I helped ~Create~ the pack!
Ranking in pack:Alpha
Wanted Rank in pack: She secretly wants to head hunters- but the pack doesn't have this group.
Loner(?): D: Never!

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